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Intelligence at service of aviation

4DCo-GC workshop - 25 June 2013

During the last week of May 2013, the whole consortium meet in order to perform the second simulation campaign of the project.

All the available modules were integrated and connected to the main simulation infrastructure. The simulation network, as well as the various functional modules were tested and several simulation runs were performed.

On June 25th, 2013 was held the second demonstration workshop, aiming at demonstrating to an external audience the simulation results, as well as the first findings of the project. The detailed agenda of this event and the presentations given are available here http://www.4dcogc-project.org/News/Project-overview/Project-Progress/Second-simulation-and-demonstration-workshop-June-2013,i1883.html

The representative of Monitor Soft Ltd Alexander Zaytsev who is directly engaged in the development of this project, presented intermediate results in the presentation "Airport ground movement planning":

30 July