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Intelligence at service of aviation

Aeronatical information service

The automated "Monitor-AIS" system allows to carry out preparation, edition and publishing of Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP), including charts and schemes.

Program models “Monitor-AIS (Aeronautical Information Service)” allow to furnish:

  • analyzing of the existing flight schemes (procedures) for their compliance to the PANS-OPS criteria installed;
  • examining the influence of the simulated obstacles that are planned to be built for aeronautical safety;
  • valuating navigational aids allocation from the point of exploitation efficiency.
  • executing scheme design of visual flights and non-visual flights, displaying all the applied parameters and accompanied by the appropriate prompting messages.
  • executing of the automated working-out, publishing and accompanying of the state AIP and national AIPs, issuing of various aeronautical maps according to IKAO recommendations;
  • working-out and accompanying of a database of aeronautical information in the appropriate format;
  • executing of the automated collecting, processing, keeping and bringing to smb’s notice of aeronautical information;
  • executing administration, protecting and keeping of the information in the system.

The system is built on the base of servers and working stations (WS) installed in different governmental services, airports and airline companies consolidated into corporate (local) network. Aeronautical information database is universal and is fully compatible with different world standards of aeronautical information.

Program models “Monitor-AIS” are easily integrated in the united system built on model principle that allows changing and enlarging its contents easily.

It allows:

  • To combine all aeronautical and other information in the united network, including combining on the base of the existing networks;
  • To make sufficiently easier the system usage at the expense of common filtration criteria using and static data, united procedures of information search;
  • To achieve high efficiency of processing and using of aeronautical information in the system, promptness of its distribution inside and outside the system;
  • To secure the integrity of all the information in the system;
  • To provide for the access to all the necessary information from any location;
  • To exclude information doubling inside the system and work connected with information administration;
  • To provide for the possibility in the controlled way to adjust the information to the concrete user needs;
  • To solve the problems with user new needs satisfaction, and further separate system tasks enlargement and change;
  • In a good manner to organize activities on administration, reserving and aeronautical and other information in network protecting.
  • To provide for servicing in a most profitable manner.
  • Program models “Monitor-AIS” provide for the following main tasks solving:
  • Aeronautical database updating according to the airspace of other countries structure in ARINC-424 format;
  • Data on proneness to conflict examining, and also control over the completeness and integrity of the whole aeronautical information database;
  • Providing for the simultaneous by all the system “Monitor- AIS” users aeronautical database usage;
  • Requirements examining on the flight safety securing of the maps and schemes worked out according to the document “Aircraft flight executing (PANS-OPS) (Doc 8168), volume II – Visual and non-visual flight scheme building” and should solve the following main tasks:
    • departure in any direction;
    • departure on the route;
    • arrival and landing approach;
    • flight on the routes;
    • hold over the aids.

System informational model

The system consists of several models. This allows enlarging of functional possibilities in the part of circle of the tasks to be solved enlargement. Different model combination and the appropriate database settings provides for the appropriate working station creating (WS Airfield, WS AIS Server, WS Remote User Workplace). In particularity all the models can be installed on one PC, this will secure for the maximum functionality.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide Aeronatical information service "Monitor-AIS" itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).