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Airport Daily Plan

Airport Daily Plan is automated system allowing to formatte daily plan of the flights made in the air companies and the airports on the eve of day of flights on the basis of the schedule.

System structure


Daily Flight Plan is formed on the basis of the following information:

  1. Information about aircraft traffic received from AFTN/AMHS network
  2. Information received from airport services


Daily Flight Plan generation

Telegrams received through AFTN network are the basis for DFP generation. The main types of the telegrams used for DFP generation are the following:

  • RPL (Repeated Flight plans) – Regular flights
  • PPL (Preliminary Flight plans) – Charter flights
  • PLN (Permission on air space)
  • FPL (Flight Plan)
  • PLS (Urgent Flight Plan)


Daily Flight Plan Maintenance

 Each airport service makes necessary changes to the DFP according to the defined authorization. Besides, the system automatically monitors messages on flights (DEP – departure, DLA – delay, CNL – cancellation etc.) and makes changes in DFP accordingly. As a result all system users can see united up-dated Daily Flight Plan.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide Airport Daily Plan system itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).