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AMHS working position

AMHS working station is designed for receiving and sending of messages in AMHS environment.

General description

«Monitor Soft» AMHS working station (hereinafter – WS) – is an application designed for receiving and sending of messages in AMHS environment. Understanding peculiarities of AMHS standard you can use our program as easily as you use an ordinary e-mail. AMHS WS is designed in accordance with requirements raised by ICAO to the AMHS-messages terminal, and also to other parts of AMHS system, such as message store and AFTN-AMHS gateway, enabling their work in all possible modes according to ICAO documents 9705 part 3 and 9880.

Monitor Soft AMHS WS keeps working in a basic and in an extended service level of AMHS.


AMHS WS requires connection with AMHS-message store for its operation in accordance with protocol P7 via TCP/IP nets.

 Operational comfort

WS provides a friendly interface, including comfortable dialog forms, a system of screen tips, color scores and sound alarms that help to orient in a situation easily and correctly.

 More details

  • WS exercises control over creating new messages by informing a user about possibilities and limitations on receiving messages by consignees using information about them from the address book of the catalogue service – that is an distributed hierarchic data base that contains other different information. Dialog forms facilitate user’s work to the extent possible and change the content, presentation and color depending on the data entered by a user and on the defined settings. Hence, WS on the preparation stage helps the user in creating a correct message and also in case of wrong actions softly explains what is to be corrected and offers a better way.
  • WS makes inspection over the correctness of incoming messages and in case of arising any errors of message format informs the user about it and makes a record in the system log file.
  • WS has a local archive of incoming and sent messages, where all the messages are allocated including date that exceeds the present system date by 30 days. The term of message storing in the archive is determined by the user.
  • WS lets the user to work simultaneously with a few AMHS-addresses, i.e. to receive and to send messages on their behalf. At the same time a few WSs have the opportunity to work the same AMHS address. In that case any incoming messages and also messages sent from one of the WSs will be displayed on the other WSs too. 
  • In case of computer operation failure where WS is installed, WS has service procedures of working efficiency restoration, receipt/retransmitting of an interrupted message and also reinitialization, made automatically while WS restarting.
  • WS includes adjustment module that helps to find out the reason of any errors, denials or rejections when receiving, preparing and sending messages, arising while daily proceedings.

 Technical specification

  • Cross-platform application works under 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux OS.
  • Maintenance of multitasking
  • Multiuser work.
  • Graphical interface (GUI).
  • Supporting protocols X.400, X.500.
  • Access to the message storage by P7 protocol.
  • Work via TCP/IP nets.
  • Flexible configuration.
  • Transmission / reception of messages in coding IA5, General Text ISO8859-1,5 (Latin, Cyrillic).
  • Supporting of message templates for different air services.
  • Online Message handling.
  • Prevention and correction of user mistakes.
  • Supporting of file attachments.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd. is ready to provide AMHS working position itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).