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AMHS working position

AMHS working station is designed for receiving and sending of messages in AMHS environment.

AMHS User Agent “Monitor-client-AMHS” («UA») is an application developed by “Monitor Soft” for air traffic management messages exchange using AMHS environment.



The UA is designed in accordance with the basic requirements of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), ICAO Document 9880 (ninety-eight eighty) Part IIB and current version of EUR AMHS Manual, taking into account special national aspects.

It is able to process messages encoded in IA-5, ISO646 (six-four-six), and General Text ISO8859 (eighty-eight fifty-nine) character set family.



The UA supports both Basic and Extended levels of AMHS service, among them:

  1.   File attachments,
  2.   Interaction with ATN Directory Service,
  3.  Secure messaging using electronic digital signatures.

The ATN Directory features comprise:

  • AFTN-to-AMHS address conversion and vice-versa
  • Access to Global Address Book
  • Checking of outgoing messages to addressees possibilities compliance
  • Special aspects

The application has a variety of message templates for different aviation systems and services.

The UA logs all the message submission and receipt operations; it also has a system and operator activity log.

All the messages are stored in the operational DB and moved out to long-term archives after a period set up in configuration.

The application has a local Address Book which is a user defined set of the most frequently used addresses and DLs with extended contact information. It is able to export and import the selected Address Book entries from one UA to another.

The UA has a friendly and well-designed graphical user interface (GUI) with a lot of features that help a user to work, for example:

  • ATN Directory lookup to identify addressees possibilities and constraints
  • Restrictions on length, character set & symbols allowed for a field being typed in and its semantics with regard to other previously entered data;
  • Fields tooltips with extended information and online help.

The “Monitor-client-AMHS” UA application has a powerful message search filter by almost any field specified in AMHS standard  and by a combination of fields.

It provides multi-language support (English, Russian) and is any other language-ready.

The UA is cross-platform and can operate under Windows (7 and up) and Linux (Centos 6 and up) and other Linux-like operation systems families.

It is able to interact with AMHS Server via both X.400 P3 and P7 protocols.


In 2013-2014 User Agent «Monitor-Client-AMHS» passed the certification of type and production in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC).


“Monitor Soft” Ltd. is ready to provide AMHS working position itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).