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Flight Information Display System

Flight information display system (FIDS) is intended for showing airport daily plan and operative flight information to passengers.

System purpose

Flight information display system (FIDS) is designed for showing airport daily plan and operative flight information to passengers. This system is based on an airport operative data base which is used as a source of daily flight plan and references of airlines, airports, aircraft types and their status, flight delays codes, terminals etc.
FIDS software is based on tables, packages, functions and procedures of a data base management system. System server components and tableau clients work in Linux environment. FIDS software architecture is designed in 3 levels in order to reduce the load on airport data base. Tableau's server is a terminal of the data base management system which serves to the clients software and compact computers forming video signal to be displayed at tableau monitors. 

System components

Components of flight information display system are the following:

  • Professional displays together with their support systems;
  • Compact computers eBOX 4300
  • Software of the main/backup tableau server
  • Software of tableau client including emergency switch module;
  • Software for tableau operational monitoring;
  • Software for tableau administration.

Informing of the passengers in the visual form is realized on the airport terminal area where passengers are present.

The tableaus can be of the following types:

  • Registration counter tableau;
  • Boarding tableaus;
  • Baggage strip tableau;
  • Multi-lines arrival tableaus;
  • Multi-lines departures tableaus;
  • Multi-lines boarding tableaus;
  • Multi-lines service information tableaus about arrivals;
  • Multi-lines service information tableaus about departures.

Hot-stand switch enables automatic transfer of all the tableaus to the back-up server in case of the main server failure.Information can be displayed on various languages. FIDS working station enables displaying all the tableaus information to the system administrator who can manage the tableaus and assign their types.

FIDS principal layout

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