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Fuel efficiency management system (FEMS)

Fuel efficiency management system allows to supervise, analyze and operate the most significant aspects of activity of the company, influencing fuel efficiency.

System purpose

The fuel is the most expensive article of expenses in accordance with the typical rating of Russian airlines expenditures. In the most airlines companies the fuel is 50% and even more of the whole budget. Airlines companies performing fuel economy aggressive policy can decrease their fuel expenses at least at 5% and in some cases at 17%. Fuel expenses optimization influences directly on company’s pure income. In circumstances of sharp competitiveness, airlines companies with an efficient fuel policy have the definite advantage. All the company divisions including, in the first turn, their flight services must respond for the efficient fuel management.

“Monitor Soft” specialists developed Fuel Efficiency Management System – FEMS enabling the authorities and the authorized staff of the company to control, analyze and manage the most important business activity aspects, that influence on the fuel efficiency.

Recommendations of the International Association of the Aircraft (IATA) and the experience of the leading international and Russian airlines was used during the system development.

The system allows to manage the following main company business activity aspects, that influence the fuel efficiency:


  • Flights planning
  • Flights
  • Time of taxiing and fuel consumption
  • Aircraft aging (degradation)
  • Aircraft technical maintenance
  • Fuel purchasing
  • Fuel database
  • Financing
  • Staff motivation
  • Analysis and development of control inputs

One of the main components of the system is fuel database, that is a software product built in accordance with the classic client-server technology.

For operability and efficiency of airlines aviation staff working with the “Monitor-Fuel” System, all the necessary information concerning calculated (planned) and actual values of fuel consumption are given in tables and graphs, so that all airlines specialists can control the main parameters of fuel consumption, define main tendencies on their changing, generate different actions on their optimization and prepare the foundation for managing decisions of the airlines’ directors.

The criterion of the system successful implementation is strongly defined by Airlines management and especially flight service directors, understanding and initiative, and, of course, all the staff motivation, initiative and responsibility.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd specialists offer an airlines company to fill in the questionnaire specially worked out in order to evaluate a status of the company fuel efficiency, and the help to generate concrete measures on optimization thereof. Besides, “Monitor Soft” Ltd specialists will provide for the continuous maintenance and support of the system by the means of a highly professional consulting. 

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide Fuel efficiency management system (FEMS) itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).