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NOTAM message automated processing system

NOTAM message automated processing system supplies consumers with reliable information about the current air navigation situation.



NOTAM-information processing system is a chain of the united Russian system on providing users with authoritative update aeronautical information. It is built on the basis of hardware software complex on the ground of IBM PC/AT (or PCs compatible with it) and purposed to organize automated receive, control and process of NOTAM messages in regime of operative interconnection with Aeronautical Information Center for Civil Aviation (AIC CA) or Regional Center that retransmit NOTAM information.

 NOTAM-information processing system is connected with AFTN telegraph network and executes the whole complex of procedures of aeronautical information processing in accordance with network AFTN protocol and IKAO standard technology on the levels of regional and national NOTAM centers, and also on the level of an airline company or an airport including preflight information reports issuing. When linking –up the system to INTRANET or INTERNET network preflight information report forming is secured not only on the basis of information received by AFTN channel, but also with the use of the central AIC CA database, that contains the update information on all the world countries.

 NOTAM-information automated processing system provides for:

  •  Automated receiving and archiving of system (internal and international) and first class NOTAM-messages in AFTN format;
  •  Automated formatting and sending of inquiries connected with telegraph protocol AFTN network maintenance;
  •  Syntactical and semantic control over NOTAM-messages;
  •  Automated inquiry text formatting (in case of mistake or corruptions that cant be corrected finding) and sending through AFTN channel on operator’s command. Operator has an opportunity to make some changes into the inquiry text if necessary;
  •  A set of standard NOTAM into the database (DB) in accordance with IKAO standards;
  •  A set of necessary procedures of interconnection with DB in accordance with IKAO protocols (pattern –finder search, sorting (filtration) on the criteria prescribed, looking through the DB on classes, terms of influence etc., editing, correcting, deleting etc.);
  •  NOTAM-message manual editing in case of mistake finding that can be corrected with taking over the responsibility (according to IKAO recommendations) and their further adding to the database;
  •  NOTAM-message draft formatting and sending to the regional center, that are related to own airport, radio-navigational aids etc. for their further official publication;
  •  Automated tracing the terms of entering, changing, validity and cancellation of NOTAM-messages;
  •  Automated processing of a checklist NOTAM;
  •  Automated processing of telegrams that contain more that one NOTAM;
  •  Preflight information reports issuing in IKAO and CIS on countries, airports, ATC areas, directions and routes;
  •  Legal and inquiry information database maintaining;
  •  Official correspondence database maintaining;
  •  Automated control over the AIC index number and the inquiry queue formatting to the missing (lost) NOTAM numbers, and control over index numbers for CIS NOTAMs;
  •  Automated processing of a statistic and report information on system work (counting the number of received and transferred telegrams for the month, DB NOTAM and official information DB statistics).
  •  The regime of hot standby of main hardware and software aids, NOTAM database, inquiry and official information is foreseen.

 In automated system there is a possibility of some working stations creating on the basis of terminals or PCs with a printer or without it, including using of the computer equipment that is at Customer’s disposal. Working stations are purposed to

  • Preflight information report issuing;
  • Preliminary crew preparation making;
  • Crew teaching.

Working stations can be placed directly in airline company’s or airport’s subdivisions and services. There is a possibility to enlarge the number of working stations during the system exploitation..

 A subsystem of automated NOTAM retransmission is additionally included into NOTAM processing system. This subsystem is purposed to be used in regional NOTAM centers and gives the following possibilities:

  •  Regional center user directory maintaining;
  •  An order list for every concrete subscriber maintaining (a list of countries that NOTAMs the user gets);
  •  The possibility of operative correction of a list of subscribers and of an order list (addition, deleting, temporary closure etc.);
  •   Automated retransmission (without an operator) of NOTAMs that come to the address of a regional center to the subscribers of the regional center in accordance with the list of the subscribers and the order list;
  •  Statistical information according to the number of telegrams for every regional center subscriber transmitted maintenance;

NOTAM-message Automated Processing System also includes an integrated telegraph WS with full set of functions:

  •  Telegram editor with a large amount of features;
  •  Received and transmitted telegraph message archiving procedures;
  •  Possibility to prepare (form) a telegram on another machine and to further transfer it with the help of floppy disks to the Automated System and to transmit it to AFTN channel. And at that time the size of the telegram is not limited as telegraph WS executes an automated text dividing into parts;
  •  Possibility to work with telegram drafts;
  •  A necessary utility set to execute a reserve copying-out of daily archives to floppy disks to keep for a long time and delete automatically outdated archives from the rigid disk

In case if necessity the machine with the Automated System installed may be used in the capacity of telegraph server.

 Each new system installation passes through necessary adaptation to the existing crew and service that use NOTAM-information support technology that is adopted in the concrete airline-company or the airport. System integration into the existing software and hardware airline company or airport environment including network software installed is possible.

Together with the overall Instruction manuals to the system company personnel education to run and to use the system, software author’s supervision, assistance in repair and system component purchasing are provided.

The system has already passed through all the testings and is used in more than 150 airline companies and centers. The major of them are AIC CA, “Aeroflot” JSC, Domodedovo airport, Sheremetievo airport, SCC «ROSSIYA», Republican AIS systems of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

 This NOTAM-information processing system implementation will allow:


  • To maintain all aeronautical information users on the level of IKAO and other legal documents requirements that refer to the aeronautical support organization.
  • To increase safety of flight execution and to minimize economic waste at the expense of NOTAM-information integrity gain by means of mistake excluding that are made by operators when they use manual processing mode (human factor excluding).
  • To sufficiently reduce NOTAM-information processing labor inputs at the expense of all receiving procedure atomizing, NOTAMs processing (such procedure as comparison of the active NOTAMs, missed or corrupted NOTAMs inquiry, NOTAM validity terms monitoring etc atomizing.).
  • To execute automated preflight information report issue including NOTAMs that refer to the selected flight destination and efficient only at that moment,.
  • To use for preflight information report forming as well as smb’s own (local) database, and also central (remote) database AIC CA. 


A single PC is enough to fulfill all the functions on NOTAM gathering, processing, keeping and preflight information report issuing that are foreseen by IKAO requirements and by Civil Aviation department legal documents.

A telegraph line adapter is absolutely necessary (It is possible to use your own adapter). An additional power supply may be required depending on connection scheme of a telegraph adapter to the disposable AFTN telegraph line. .

Depending on the disposable power supply system at the place of installation as a rule it is preferably to use an uninterruptible power supply that secures voltage jumps smoothing and short time (10 -30 minutes) system work in case normal power supply dumps.

 Monitor Soft company is ready to provide the system and also all additional information for trial usage to all the NOTAM information interested recipients ( airline companies, airports and regional offices).

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide NOTAM message automated processing system itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).