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TcNS-02 system

TcNS-02 system is the analog of RN7 unit produced and certified by Monitor Soft company in Russia.

TSNS-02 has the following dimensions: 

  • Mass: 2,7
  • Dimensions (width × height × length): 57×216×390 mm
  • Power supply: 28 V of direct current, < 100 Wt

1. Interfacing

  • 1 x CompactFlash (CF) slot for data exchange via CF‐Cards
  • 4 x RS‐422 Serial Interface
  • 6 x RS‐232 Serial Interface
  • 3 x USB 2.0 compatible interfaces
  • 12 x ARINC 429 Interfaces (4xOUT / 8xIN)
  • 2 x ARINC 708 Interfaces (2xIN; e.g. for Weather Radar applications)
  • 3 x Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • 4 x Analogue / Digital Converter Interface
  • 2 x RGB outputs supplying either VGA or STANAG 3350 (dual head GPU)
  • 2 x TMDS (DVI‐D / HDMI compatible) graphic interfaces (dual head GPU)
  • 2 x Composite video outputs featuring PAL/NTSC (dual head GPU)
  • 2 x SDI Out graphic interface (dual head GPU)
  • 1 x SDI copied output either from User‐1 or User‐2 (user selectable)
  • Healthy Bit Interface
  • 2 x Control Unit Interface (for User‐1 and User‐2)
  • Several audio in‐ and outputs
  • 1 x shared GNSS radio‐frequency input for either GPS/GALILEO or GPS/GLONASS antennas 
  • 1 x optional GNSS radio‐frequency input for TSO certified GPS antennas (certified receiver engine)
  • 2 x optional antenna interfaces for WLAN and UMTS applications
  • Power supply for external equipment (+5V DC and +12V DC)
  • LRU design for cost effective maintenance
  • Additional Interfaces for e.g. keyboards, mouse etc. (available for up to 2 users)
  • 28V DC power input

2. Functionality 

The TsNS-02 shall have a multi core processor and 3D graphics engine which will improve high performance standard.
The aim is to integrate following functionalities.

Dual independent video output

The TsNS-02 will be able to output two video signals which are can be operated independent from each other.

HTAWS Module

The HTAWS function gives visual warning about terrain and obstacles as well as oral warning output.

Example of terrain warning function in EuroNav V

Arinc 708 Module

The TsNS-02 will have an Arinc 708 video input. This will give the opportunity to overlay weather radar information on top of the selected map.
To avoid confusion between weather and terrain there will be a clear mark in which mode the Digital Map is displayed.

DVR Module

The TsNS-02 will have the possibility to include a DVR module. The module will be able to store video information coming from a camera connected to the TsNS-02 unit.

Certified GPS module

The TsNS-02 will have the capability to insert a certified GPS module. The GPS data can then be transferred from the TsNS-02 to whatever device in the cockpit.

Remote Fault Analyses via Internet

The TsNS-02 will have a possibility to be connected to the internet so Monitor Soft can perform a fault analyses via the internet. This could save a lot of time and money for shipment of NFF units or wrong fault analyses by the end user.

3D- Synthetic Vision

The TsNS-02 will have the capability to display 3D images, which can be used as a Synthetic Vision.

3. Functionalities

Situational Awareness part.

The TsNS-02 combines different types of map digital map data, Raster, Vector, DTED, navigation databases. Per zooming level, 32 in total, a different map configuration can be configured.

Example of Raster maps

Examples of Vector maps

Example of Raster maps overlaid with DTED information

Terrain and Obstacle warning

30% of today’s worldwide helicopter accidents are caused by Controlled Flight Into Terrain.
The TsNS-02 has an implemented warning to avoid the CFIT, which can be configured by the end user.
The warnings are based on the Terrain Database and an Obstacle Database which can be integrated.
This functionality together with the voice warning in the TsNS-02 will provide a full HTAWS compliant system. The HTAWS function becomes a hard requirement specific missions like HEMS or SAR.

Example of terrain warning menu setting an vertical profile menu

TCAS, ADS-B, FLARM information overlay

When the TsNS-02 is connected with a TCAS, ADS-B or FLARM receiver the information about the traffic around the current position of the helicopter can be overlaid on top of the map. This provides additional information to the pilot in one single screen view.

Example of a TCAS warning

Information overlay

On top of the different map configurations other information can be overlaid. There are up to 6 user databases where customer specific data can be inserted which can be shown on the map.

For example:

  • Hospitals
  • Helicopter landing places
  • Police stations
  • Special targets
  • Etc

4. Man Machine Interface

The TsNS-02 has a menu based MMI. Via drop down menus functions can be activated and deactivated.
Next to the menu MMI the TsNS-02 has also an Operation MMI. The Operation MMI has an extraction of the total functions. Both MMI can be used in parallel.

The MMI can be done via the TsNS-02 Control Panel but also via Display line select keys, Touch screen, Cursor Control devices (joy stick, trackball, mouse), Alphanumeric Keyboard.

Example of the OMMI and menu MMI

5. Ground tools

EuroAvionics developed a set of supporting ground tools which can be used for pilot training, mission preparation and map conversion.
It gives the customer the advantage to be able to prepare and test all settings before downloading into the airborne system.
The Ground Station software contains a group of functions, modules.
The two main Modules are the Map module and the Database module.
The Map module is the “mission’ or “tactical” part of the software. The flight planning, tracing, map configurations, etc can be prepared in this module. It is used to prepare the map settings for the airborne system.
The Database module gives the operator the possibility to manage, configure, update, etc of all databases available in the TsNS-02. This includes the map, obstacle, points of interests, events, etc databases.
The Ground Station includes a downloader function to be able to download the prepared or converted maps, databases etc. in the TsNS-02 hardware.

6.  Simulator

The simulator is a Windows based application, developed to train the operator to get acquainted with the functionalities, structure and capabilities of the EuroNav V.
It gives the operators the opportunity to get acquainted with the airborne systems MMI by means of a USB control panel.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide TcNS-02 system itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).