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WinBrief pre-flight crew informationing

WinBrief pre-flight crew informationing is intended for the organization of pre-flight information service to pilots and air traffic controllers

WinBrief pre-flight crew informationing is designed for pre-information service to aircraft crew and air traffic controllers provided via remote interaction with AS-NOTAM server.

The main advantage of this product is operability in air navigation restrictions (NOTAM) provision as well as easy and friendly user interface.

There is no necessity to engage and maintain an expensive AFTN line, manage NOTAM and service information data bases for the WinBrief software operation. All the functions are performed by NOTAM server.

Working with WinBrief Operator uses a computer only for the purposes of information receipt, processing and printing it in case of necessity.

WinBrief enables receipt of air navigation restrictions in a format of either pre-flight information bulletin or system NOTAMs. The format can be defined by an operator in accordance to his preferences, i.e. specified by ICAO or by Russian standards for civil aviation aircraft. An operator can select one of the NOTAM languages (Russian or English) and a basic NOTAM series (internal or external).

A bulletin can be generated in line with defined airdromes, ATM sectors, routes, countries or in accordance with “narrow strip”.

Reference information which can be copied to inquiry sample on-line is available to an operator during the bulletin generation. This information update is made automatically from NOTAM server.

An operator can create the bulletin samples and store then on his computer, as well as use the lists of the standard routes generated by NOTAM server.

WinBrief provides an opportunity to store the copies of received bulletins and to record the operator actions in case of worst-case situation.

Several operators can work in a single working station. There is a system of data split with a help of users names and access passwords. This WinBrief mode can be used in the rooms of the air crew self preparation.

There are no restrictions for any software simultaneously working with WinBrief.

Client-server technology applying TCP/IP protocol is the base for the software operation. Any Windows version can be used as working environment. Such software configuration makes WinBrief universal program which stipulates to exploit any local or global computer networks starting from in-house and up to Internet one.

“Monitor Soft” Ltd.  is ready to provide WinBrief pre-flight crew informationing itself and additional information about it for test operation to all interested recipients of air navigation information (such as airlines, airports and regional governments).